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We have more than 15 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry


English isn’t always an option in Asia, and we have the cultural advisors, translators, and interpreters to find the best artists for you


We have a large network that allows us to deal directly with artists and management throughout Asia


We have a streamlined process that is transparent from artist to client

what we do

We leverage our connections throughout the music and entertainment industries in the US and Asia to secure deals with record labels, establish distribution, negotiate rates, and so much more.

Our objective is to bring our artists and entertainers to major stages around the world, tour new markets, and boost their exposure to larger crowds.

Stellar Antics Entertainment is built upon the principles of hard work, dedication, loyalty, and honesty.

We are always looking for new or established artists to partner with who have talent, a strong work ethic, high-quality values, and a desire to succeed.

producer and songwriter booking by stellar antics entertainment


We can help you make the right licensing and publishing decisions that are satisfying and financially rewarding. Our connections within the industry allow us to find the right labels for you to work with in the right territories.

celebrity booking by stellar antics entertainment


We will help you find the right celebrity for your proper event, festival, or fan meeting

artist bookings by stellar antics entertainment

artist bookings

We can help book the right artist for your live events, concerts, private parties, and much more. We'll handle all the details so you can focus on enjoying your event.

influencer placements by stellar antics entertainment


We’ll find the right influencer to place in your movie, TV, commercial, and fashion. Our worldwide connections allow us to reach a wide spectrum of clients to match your needs.


Finding the right artist management agency is tough.

There are many agencies and managers that make false promises that do not end up matching your needs.

Working with middlemen in Asia can be an unsavory and troubling experience.

Fortunately, with our experience working with Asian and US artists, we eliminate unnecessary middlemen.


We’ve built relationships and a professional network in 7 different Asian countries and the USA over the last 15 years. Our network and relationships are well-established. With our help, we can connect you to industry insiders.

Our talent management services focus on creative, strategic, and brand development opportunities. We’re focused on long-term relationships and strategies. Our artists are ambitious and professional setting unforgettable experiences on stage.

Don’t waste your time. We can save you the headaches.

Let us give you the best artist experience at your event.

  • We'll communicate with you as often as you'd like to keep you informed and up to date
  • We have spent years in foreign countries and have learned to navigate the complexities of negotiation in foreign countries
  • Connections and experience working in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines
  • Established network that connects us with decision makers

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